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Monday, 21 September 2009

Little pumpkins and a birthday present

Me and my friends had a girls' weekend a bit more than a week ago. Or should I say women's weekend since we are all already over 30. :D We have a tight group of five and we all have a birthday in autumn so we decided to celebrate us all at the same time with good food, a lot of talking and some wine. We decided not to buy any presents. I wanted to crochet a few pumpkins so I gave the others one each as an "autumn gift". :)

Here are the little pumpkins on my friends' hands:

My birthday was on 9th of September and on that same day a package arrived from Japan. Michiko had sent me a birthday gift and it's perfect! She had made the cutest little sheep for me herself and she also sent some Japanese Misuya needles, actually a LOT of Misuya needles. :) Those needles are the best there is for cross stitching. They came in a beautiful little wooden box. Thank you Michiko! You made me really happy! :)

I had bad luck with Stitching Bloggers' Birthday Club since the woman who was to send me a present has vanished from the blog world and Edgar hasn't been able to get in touch with her at all. So I didn't receive a birthday gift but Edgar was so kind and promised that I'll get something Angel Stitched later. He really is very kind and doesn't wan't anyone to feel sad or left out.

And I think I haven't told you all what a I got from my husband. I got a tattoo! :) Well I haven't got it yet but he's paying it when I go and get it. Can you guess what I'll get? I'll post a pic when it's done. :)


Babs said...

Sad that she went without saying anuthing, but at least you still get something ;-)
I think if you sign up you should participate, no matter what, there is someone with ending up nothing sweet.

I like those pumpkins, I can't do crochet or knitting, they are so sweet.

Lots of love, Babs

Gaynor said...

I am glad Edgar is looking after you and sorry a lady who promised to join in with something is a shame. But have a very happy birthday and I love the little pumpkins!

Ronel said...

Happy Birthday! Your pumpkins is lovely!

Cindy said...

Your pumpkins are absolutely adorable! You received such a wonderful gift, too. That's awful that your partner disappeared like that.

Daffycat said...

Awww, those pumpkins are adorable! Great gifties!

Too bad about your birthday club. Edgar is a sweetheart.

Shelleen said...

the pumpkins are adorable!

Carol said...

I just discovered your blog so thought I would say "hi!" Your little crocheted pumpkins are so darling :)

Micki said...

The pumpkins are so cute, as is the sheep. Lovely gifts!

Michiko said...

You are most welcome!: ) I'm so happy you like them.
Wow! Do you mean to get a tattoo? I'm looking forward to seeing the picture of it.: )

Lillie said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you.
Those little pumpkins are so cute
and the sheep too.

Meari said...

What a neat birthday gift from Japan. :) Happy Belated Birthday!

Laurylyan said...

Hi Sari,

First of all, belated Happy Birthday :-)

I see you received some japanese cross-stitch needles, can you tell me the difference you feel compared to JJ, Bohin or others?
I'm used to stitch with some #26 or #28 petites needles, do they have an equivalent?

I hope you'll find some time to answer my questions ^o^

Srinity said...

Hi Laurylyan,
I didn't know where to answer to you so I'll answer here. The Misuya needles that are in the picture are equivalent to #28 needles. They are just marked that they are number 1 (translated with my very bad japanese :)). I also have number 2 needles and I guess they are same as #24 needles.
I haven't tried all the others you mentioned but these Japanese needles are the best I've seen and I've heard that some other people think the same. They slide through the fabric very easily. I think the biggest reason they are so good is that the eye is made so well that it doesn't damage the thread at all and it's easy to thread.