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Thursday, 3 September 2009

I sent these to Kirsi

I stitched my "Autumn set" exchange to Kirsi. She likes orange so I got the idea for colourway from it. I stitched a notebook cover and a bookmark. The chart is Herbst Herzen from Kissy Cross. I used DMC's Color Variations thread number 4126 and Polstitches Designs' fabric "Fallen Leaves", 28ct Lugana. The bookmark I stitched one over one thread and the notebook cover two over two. As the other pair I made two pumpkins. The first one I crocheted, the pattern is from Learn to Crochet, there's a written version and a video. I found the video very usefull since the English crochet terms are not so familiar to me. I sew the other pumpkin with a pattern I found from Schlosser Design.

Here is a picture of them all:

Detail from the notebook cover (colours are a bit off in this pic):

And here are the pumpkins:

I am quite happy the way these turned out. It's always a little thrilling when making something I've never tried before. And since I tend to make the last bits at the eleventh hour there isn't a lot of time to change plans if something goes wrong! :D

I'm glad that I can show something I've made. I've been making secret things like these and the ones I've made for Christmas have to be kept even longer! :D


ladyhawthorne said...

Hello from Texas, USA. I really love your Autumn Set, the heart is so pretty with the colors in the background. I've wanted to join an exchange group but I am afraid to as I don't always get enough time to stitch. But I enjoy reading about them and seeing all the pretty work. It gets me inspired.

Gaynor said...

I love it all! The pumpkins are just beautiful..well done you!

Babs said...

Wauw, that's nice :D

Kissy said...

The hearts turn out beautiful!
And over one, wow!
Thank you for letting me know you stitched my designs.
I love the crocheted pumpkin too.

Sandra :) said...

What an amazing set - absolutely gorgeous! I think my favorite piece is the bookmark - it's so sweet :) Fall is definitely my favorite season of the year - the wonderful colors, smells, crisp air - love it!

Micki said...

What a gorgeous set! I especially love the notebook!

Lillie said...

Loved the autumny colors and the pincushions. Thanks for sharing the link.