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Saturday, 13 June 2009


Early this morning I and my friend/neighbour went shopping for flowers. I bought two big pots. To the other one I planted flowers; Ivy, two Dusty millers, Diana and three Flowering Tobaccos.

To the bigger pot I planted three tomatoes. These are not "normal" tomatoes, they are a bit smaller and don't need support.

This is one of my flower beds... but I haven't planted anything in it. That's because wild strawberries have decided it's the best place to grow in! :) I can't bear to dig them out so this flower bed is now for small and sweet strawberries. :D

Yesterday I had some time to stitch so here's my progress on the gift I mentioned the other night. There's not going to be any progress today since my sister and one of our friends are visiting us. We'll have a barbeque and a few ciders. :D

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Lillie said...

Happy gardening and a lovely finish.