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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Chinese stitching

Yesterday I felt I wanted to stitch something small so I started to stitch one of the charts my friend brought me from China. It's a bag fob and I finished it today. I gave it to my sister to cheer her up. :) The "fabric" was a bit different, it's plastic aida! I haven't seen that one before. I had some small problems trying to get the cord attached but after a while I made up my own way to do it and it turned out ok. Here's a pic:

I have also stitched two bigger projects but as they have not reached their recipients I'll post pics later.

Edit: I don't know what the Chinese had planned this to be for. I just noticed this is really easy to attach to bag's zipper -> a bag fob! :) The photo in the package had the cord other way around but I couldn't attach the little metal ring to the flower so I just sewed it in from the other end. I also sewed a little bell to the flower after taking this picture.


Ranae said...

Nice exchange from Nora

Ginnie said...

That's really pretty.

PaulineD said...

Oh, a new trend, bag fobs! Very pretty!

Chiloe said...

It's really really cute ! I love the colors !

Carla said...