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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

I'd love to crochet something...

Interveawe's Crochet Winter 2008 issue came yesterday. I found at least one design I'd love to crochet. I haven't even thought of crochering something bigger before I saw this magazine. All the stitches are explained with pictures which makes it easier for me to follow instructions in English.

The jacket on the front page is nice too but this one really cought my eye. I love it. And it's red. :)


Julie said...

Very nice, i'll watch out for your progress when you get started. I never mastered the art of crochet ... maybe something to learn in 2009?

Tanja said...

I looked at this magazine in the bookshop too, and I love that red jacket! My daughter is pretty good at crochet, wish she would make me one :-)