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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Sock yarns finally at home!

I bought some sock yarns from Villamokka in the beginning of October, or my brother's fiance actually went and bought them since the shop is near where they live. My sister and her husband went to visit them last weekend and took the yarn with them. The weather was horrible last weekend so they drove straight home and didn't bring the yarns to me (which I understand because of the weather). They went to pick up their son from our mum and left the yarn to her. Today mum had a business trip near my home and she brought the yarns. So the yarns have travelled all over until arriving home. :) These are 100% wool from Zitron and are hand dyed at the Villamokka. Brownish grey is called Trabant and the greens are called Twice.

1 comment:

Michiko said...

Sari, are you OK?
I hope you are feeling better now.
Wow! Good for you to receive some yarns from your mum.
Have you started the knitting?
I'm looking forward to seeing the socks made by you.:)