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Monday, 10 November 2008

Sheep from Shellie and parts of a lamb

Shellie asked if I'd like to have some sheep charts and of course I said yes. :) Today an envelope arrived packed full with lovely sheep designs. Thank you so much Shellie! Here is a picture of some of the charts. There was some other farm animals too and I bet I'll stitch many of them too. Thank you also for the Quick-stitch designs, there's many charts I can use for cards.

I started to crochet the Fuzzy Lamb. I use a thicker yarn than in the pattern so I also use bigger crochet hooks. The yarn that I use is Novita's "Foxi" and it's not the easiest yarn to crochet since it's hard to see where the next stitch should go but it's so fluffy and sheepish that I just have to use it. :) The yarn for the face and hooves is also from Novita and it's called "7 Veljestä" ("7 brothers", name comes from a classic Finnish book by Aleksis Kivi). I have the front legs and part of the face done.


Julie said...

WOW thats going to be such a cool sheep.
Nice charts from Shellie

Shellie said...

Blimey they arrived quick glad you liked them Srinity it was my pleasure to send them too you
Will look forward to seeing the stitched results
Happy Stitching

Daffycat said...

I love how fluffy the lamb is turning out! Too cute and so huggable! Congratulations on all the sheep charts~wow!

Sally said...

I can't wait to see how your fluffy lamb turns out! He looks great so far.

Shell said...

a nice collection of sheepy charts,have you picked one out yet?

Srinity said...

I think I'll start with the cute round one at the bottom row. Or with the one jumping over the moon. :)