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Saturday, 18 October 2008

Yarnful October

I had to start buying materials for Christmas presents so I had to drop off from the Yarnless October group. I bought three balls of Novita's 7 Veljestä yarn, three spools of Villamokka's hand dyed yarn (one Trabant and two Twices, pictures are links to Villamokka blog) and two balls of Step sock yarn. So I'll start knitting the presents and no pictures of them are coming here before Christmas. :) Some of the yarns are still on their way since my brother's fiancee went to buy them as they live near the Villamokka shop. She'll bring them to me next time they are coming to visit us.



Anonymous said...

Wonderful colour wool you have for the gifts,

Hope you got the e-mail i sent you as i had a problem with my mail box today,
Take care

Shell said...

ooohhhh nice yarn colours.Glad that you found the Rico booklet,the only problem will be which design to stitch first.