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Monday, 6 October 2008

My Flock of Sheep

I wanted to show you my flock of sheep. I love sheep, ewes, lambs and rams. :) I have collected these over a few years. I would also love to have cross stitch charts that has sheep in but haven't found many yet. I like both realistic and also simple ones. And of course cute ones. :) I just got my first black sheep from my friends when I turned 30. I have told my husband that when we have our own house I want a couple of real ones too. ;)


Julie said...

Gorgeous, i have a friend that collects sheep too, they seem a popular thing to collect.

Tanja said...

Hi Sari, I love sheep too! On Ebay I look out for sheep charts, but so far I haven't found much interesting.

Have you ever seen the website of I love it! One of his prints was translated into a stitching chart by a British cross stitchter magazine. I have it here in the house somewhere, but don't know where. I'll find it again one day.

Greetings from Phoenix,

Daffycat said...

Wonderful collection! I love sheep too! I find sheep patterns too much ~ can't resist them!

Shell said...

Hi Sari,thanks for visiting my blog.The Rico booklet you asked about is
No 82 Adventsziet
It has some lovely designs in,tablecloths,runners and bellpulls.

Sally said...

I love your collection of sheep! I have a very small collection of my own:)