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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Oops! I did it again! :D

I was writing my HAED wish list and after watching the chart Oak Fairy by Meredith Dillman for a while I just had to buy it! I couldn't resist. Now I have promised myself that I won't buy another one before I have at least finished one of my HAEDs (the storykeep not included).

So here it is, isn't it just great? I don't know what it is about brown but it seems to be my favourite colour at the moment. Combining it with another beautifull colour makes it just perfect.

BTW I heard there is a parcel waiting for me at home and I bet it's the threads for Heart of the World and Storykeep. Can't wait getting home but I still have to be at work for two hours. Sigh!

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