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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Advent calendar - Day 15: Spice bags

These are really really cute! Spice bags, gift bags, candy bags, what ever you want to put in these cute bags is fine. :) Since the colours are so delicious I might put some Christmas candies in these. :) Patterns are from The World of Cross Stitching magazine.

My blog posts might have been a little bit sweeter lately. A certain someone I met a while ago might have something to do with it since he has brought smiles, joy and happy thoughts in my life. :) I am taking my time to see what will become of this and try not to smile ALL the time, otherwise people at work might start to think I have more screws undone than usual in my head. :D


Pike said...

Kesäkuussa osallistun Annen joulukoristepistelyyn, ja taas ihania malleja sinne :)

Onnea Sari :) Ymmärrän kuinka täpinöissäsi olet - olenhan nähnyt sinut vähän vastaavassa tilanteessa Ikaalisissa LOL

Genny Garcia said...

Sari me gusta tu calendario de adviento y me gustaría hacerlo en el 2012 podrías compartir tu gráficos conmigo, por favor?