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Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Advent Calendar - Day 4: Casserole Carrier

Day four and another freebie! :) This handy carrier bag is designed by Jenny Garland and it's called Casserole Carrier. You can use it to carry food at Christmas time if needed or make something really delicious, put it in the carrier and give as a gift. And it can still be hot and you still won't burn your fingers! :) I just loved the idea when I first saw this. I hope you like it too. Click the picture to go to the instructions.

If you get inspired to sew or stitch something you've seen here I would love to see some photos. Please send me an email with the picture and detaisl and I'll blog about it. Or leave me a comment and a link to your blog if you have blogged about it yourself.

Have a very merry December! :)


Chrizette @ All the days of said...

Oh I love this bag - some people have a shoe addiction, I have a bag addiction! Thank you for linking this.
Chriz’s stitchy blog

Srinity said...

I have shoe AND bag addiction. :D