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Sunday, 22 August 2010

A modified dress

Last spring I bought a demin dress that is quite short and I did intend to wear it this summer. Weather-wise it would have been ok since we had the hottest summer ever (over 30C for weeks) but as the time went by the dress seemed shorter and shorter. So as it was on it's way to becoming a no-use-item I decided I'll try to modify it to make it more decent. :)

The dress before. When I had it on and tried to put my shoes on everyone could see more of me than I would have liked... :D And the ruffle around the waist made it look like a tutu or a bit too much "little girlie"-like.

First I removed the ruffle from the waist. It immidiately looks a bit calmer and better. (See how I only have one leg! Luckily the other pics show that the left leg is still hanging in there :D).

Then I sewed the removed ruffle to the back of the dress and made the dress a bit longer.

For the final touch I added some studded ribbon to make the dress more "rock". :) the back got much longer eventhough I added just one strip of fabric.

Some might still consider this too short but this is what I'll wear next Saturday when I go out with my friends. :) I will just add a pair of tights and long boots to feel a bit less "naked" :)


Blu said...

What a cute dress! Your modifications look great! You'll be beating off guys with a stick LOL

Cindy said...

Very cool dress makeover!

Lonneke said...

Excellent! Love your dress makeover.

Srinity said...

I guess I'll better remember to take a stitck with me when we go out. ;)

Shelleen said...

I love what you did to the dress. I don't know why girls wear such short skirts and dresses. Yours is perfect!

Sammy said...

Beautiful dress. Very stylish.
Well done.

I invite you to visit my blog, and I hope you like it.
Marie and I would love to hear from you.
-Samya :-)

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nima said...

clever makeover...looks nice and pretty