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Friday, 19 March 2010

Stitched mailarts and a baby gift

I took part in Finnish stitched mailart exchange and stitched an assisi styled envelope to Lumivalko from the blog Lumivalko ja Ruusunpuna (written in Finnish). The chart is called "Americano" and it's from a magazine  Ricami d'Assisi, I ordered it from Casa Cenina. The magazine has many beautiful assisi charts. Inside the envelope I put two cards and two stamps. I found a perfect rose stamp to the envelope but sadly it was lost in mail and also the other one of the fairy stamps that I put inside was lost too.
I stitched this on white 28ct Brittney evenweave with DMC thread 321.




The dotted lining:

One of the cards had a saying that is perfect for us crafty people. :)
"Ihminen jolla on mielikuvitusta,
ei laske luvuissa vaan mahdollisuuksissa."
("A person who has imagination
doesn't count numbers
but possibilities instead.")

I got an mailart form Marja. She stitched me a beautiful mailart with birdhouses and sent me two matching cards too. And as I like sheep she put in a sheep stamp and one frog stamp in too.

My cousin had a baby girl in January and I stitched a present for her. It's very similar to the one I sent to my friend for her son, a pacifier pouch and a bunny. For the pouch I stitched  Little 'Uns chart Baby Newton from the Cross Stitch Card Shop magazine, issue 65. I stitched it on white 28ct Brittney evenweave, with one over one. I used both Anchor and DMC threads. Charts for the bunny are from the World of Cross Stitching magazine, issue 126.



Lillie said...

Both mailarts sent and received are lovely. Baby gift is so adorable.

Micki said...

The mailarts are just beautiful!

BS HONEY said...

I can tell by your work that you so enjoy a needle and thread. Just a little play on words, there.

Your work is just beautiful and I love your mailart.

God Bless,

LiaGovers said...

Very, very sweet things!