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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Stashing for the winter!

I guess it's autumn since I got this weird urge to get some new stash! I'm like a squirrel hiding nuts for the winter. Only difference is that I don't hide nuts, I am nuts! :D No, I meant I hide knitting yarns, cross stitch charts and other nice things. A Finnish yarn maker Novita released a new yarn called Puro (creek). It's 100% wool and looks a bit like Noro yarns. I bought some and the colours is called kanervikko(heather field). I also bought one ball of a yarn called Marjaretki (trip to pick berries) and the colour is called lingonberry. I saw Regia's hand-dye Effect sockyarn in some blogs and couldn't resist the temtation, they are so beautiful!
As if those were not enough our local fabric shop is moving and is selling all their stock with discount prices so I bought some... of course! They also had a basket full of fabric pieces and for the price of 1,50€ you can fill a little plastic bag as full as you can and I think I almost made a new record since I got quite a lot in the little bag. :) Those pieces are great for finishing and also for sewing small bags.

On it's way at the moment is Little House Needleworks' lovely chart "Pumpkins 4 sale" and the threads for it. After that no more new stash! I just don't have room anymore! :D
Maybe all this is done by my subconciouss telling me to stash now when I can since we just heard at work that there will be some cutbacks after September. There will be temporary or final lay-offs. It wasn't a big surprise so I'm not totally shocked. I just hope I still have my job after all that hassle.


Elle said...

Sari, I used to stash, too. I was compelled, every time there was a sale or a project that intrigued me, to buy the materials necessary. I had a huge basket beside my end of the sofa filled with threads and patterns, material and needles. I did the same thing with scrapbooking materials--I had so much more than I could ever use. It's just too fun.

Babs said...

Nice, I'm not stashing yet, but I might do soon :p

Daffycat said...

Yummy stash, Sari! I'll keep my fingers crossed for your job!

Anonymous said...

The Regia looks a little bit like Noro too. Very pretty stashing!

Micki said...

That's a wonderful stash! The colours are amazing!

Michelle said...

The stash is great! I would probably have filled a few bags with fabric :)

Ronel said...

Great Stash! Good luck and will hold thumbs for the cutbacks! {{hugs}}

StitchWiz said...

I feel the same way! I too have had the urge to stash away some goodies! I think all of us who cross stitch, knit, crochet and quilt secretly wait for that first nip in the air to curl up with a cup of something warm and a new pattern!
I'm jealous of your new stash! lol.