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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

My stitching/knitting/reading/etc corner :)

Here is a photo of my stitching/knitting/reading/etc corner. :) You can see some of my knitting yarns and fabrics for my stitching inside the boxes in the corner. And there is a bike with a basket made out of willow too. I bought it last December since it's so cute. I store my crocheted bags in it...since I still need to sew the linings...well maybe I get to that after I finish the Fae. :) I didn't want too comfortable chair since I want to stay in a quite upright position while stitching so that my back is straigh when I stitch. I hope that helps me and relaxes my shoulders. First I was thinking of buying a red chair but since we have a red sofa (the divan part is in the picture) I thought it might be too much red so I went for the brown one and it fits in perfectly with the other colours in our living room.

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Julie said...

Your stitching corner looks lovely and relaxing