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Thursday, 8 May 2008

There is a sale so I cannot help myself...

Heaven and Earth Designs have a Mother's Day sale this week. I know I made a promise to myself that I won't buy another one before I finish at least one but come on it's a sale! :D So I bought three charts.

Fairy Grove by Lee Anne Seed
Little Red Riding Hood
by Annie Rodrigue
Forget Me Not
by Rachel Anderson

I love Lee Anne Seed's Lights Collection and Fairy Grove has lovely green colours and beautiful fairy silhouette. In the Little Red Riding Hood the wolf figure on the back is just great and I love Annie Rodrigue's style. Her The Perfect Poison, Angry Ballerina and Tricksters are all on my wish list. Maybe I get them next time there is a sale :) Forget Me Not has the same kind of delicate charm that Lily of the Valley has and they will be a perfect mach.

1 comment:

Michiko said...

You bought the wouderful charts. Srinity!
I love Forget me not in particular.
And Lily of the Valley,too.
I also can't help myself...I may buy my faborite HAED charts! LOL!